Types of double standard women you face daily

Double standards continue human suffering, with gender inequality in the financial market serving as a prime example. Studies confirm that men enjoy significant advantages over women. Despite the passage of time, these profoundly ingrained prejudices persist in many individuals’ minds.

We at tedzoo remain optimistic that our society will eventually transcend these outdated stereotypes, fostering a kinder and more equitable environment. Through our candid illustrations, we aim to encourage you to reevaluate particular perspectives and challenge prevailing norms.

girl with makeup and without makeup

In society, when it comes to the use of makeup. When a woman wears makeup, she is often unfairly judged as fake or even “cheap.” Conversely, if a woman chooses not to wear any makeup, she may be labeled as a wallflower who lacks the desire to attract male attention.

woman as house wife and as woking in office

Today also women continue to face societal pressure to prioritize their role as housewives within the family. However, even housewives experience criticism and judgment from individuals who harbor spiteful views. This issue becomes even more common for women who prioritize their careers over traditional domestic roles.

woman partying and reading books

For certain individuals it may be challenging to conceive that a lover of classical literature could possess a vibrant and humorous personality, even becoming the most entertaining woman within a company. Similarly, a fervent partygoer may defy expectations by excelling academically as a straight-A student and being celebrated as a source of pride by a prestigious university.

making food in home vs ordering food online

In society, a woman who has a passion for cooking may receive advice to visit a beauty salon promptly. On the other hand, a busy woman who lacks time for extensive kitchen duties may face criticism for providing her family with ready-made meals. This is the double standard.

fat girl playing game vs beautiful girl playing game

Society relentlessly seeks to impose them on individuals who deviate even slightly. Attributes like a physique, light-colored eyes, and blonde hair can often overshadow any activity and garner universal admiration for a person. Conversely, those who don’t conform to society’s beauty standards may face judgment for engaging in identical pursuits.

feeding cats

Our perception of individuals is often influenced by their outward appearance. For instance, society tends to view a young and endearing girl with a multitude of cats as an embodiment of kindness and compassion towards animals. However, an older woman who dedicates herself to caring for these furry companions may face social pressure urging her to prioritize finding a life partner over her cat companions.

bold woman and shameful woman

A curvy woman embracing her body confidently chooses to wear an outfit featuring a daring low-cut neckline. However, it is disheartening that society continues to stigmatize the natural process of breastfeeding, perpetuating a taboo that needs to be addressed and challenged. Join us in promoting acceptance and empowerment of women’s choices.

shoping or saving money?

Have you ever encountered the challenging decision of investing in an elegant dress or saving up for a much-desired vacation? Regardless of her choice, societal disapproval seems inevitable. Women who opt to indulge in an expensive outfit for self-pleasure often face judgment as spenders, while those who prioritize saving for a beach vacation may be labeled as cheapskates.

taking care of a child

Teachers play a vital role in supporting working families who are unable to provide full-time care for their children due to employment commitments. However, “experts” in psychology may unfairly criticize such situations, suggesting that the mother simply doesn’t want to be responsible for her child’s care. On the other hand, when parents take full responsibility for their child’s education, these same “experts” may find fault, claiming that the mother lacks concern for her child’s future.

Comment below and let us know how these discrepancies have impacted your journey. Together, let’s shed light on these inequalities and promote understanding and equality for all parents.

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